Randy Lanier, 1986 Indy-car Rookie of the Year, became a huge pot smuggler, got caught, and was sentenced to LIFE IN PRISON. He eventually got out & this book tells the whole amazing story. According to ROLLING STONE, on the back jacket "Decades ago, Lanier could not walk through a racetrack in America without being thronged by admirers. In the 1980s, he had appeared on the professional racing circuit out of nowhere -- a young phenom who seemed to materialize ex nihilo in a British-made March race car. Lanier had no pedigree, no formal training -- but he was fast.... Many of his competitors were backed by long-dominate and deep-pocketed factory teams -- Porsche, Jaguar, Ford. Lanier's March bore a logo from a local theme restaurant. It was as though an unknown chess player had routed the grandmasters." And,  according to ROAD AND TRACK "Lanier's world became a cocktail of race cars, drug trafficking, trips to Victory Lane, wealth beyond measure, trophies and champagne, being hunted by the FBI and DEA, the Navy stalking his final moves, a life sentence, attempted prison escapes, solitary confinement, a surprise release, and peace." I couldn't say it better. I guarantee you will find this a very interesting story, pf. In the photo above RANDY LANIER IS STANDING WITH, LEFT TO RIGHT, CRAIG CESAL, RANDY, ANDY COX, AND PAUL FREE. ALL WERE SENTENCED TO LIFE IN PRISON AND GOT OUT AFTER 10 TO 25 YEARS. WE ALL MET IN FLORIDA MONTHS AGO AND AGAIN AT MJBIZCON IN LAS VEGAS. WE ARE DOING ALL WE CAN TO INFORM THE PUBLIC THAT THERE ARE STILL HUNDREDS OF MEN & WOMEN IN PRISON FOR CANNABIS & HOW THEY CAN HELP GET THEM OUT. 

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