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 We are starting the new year with renewed hope and cautious optimism. Congress whines about the debt ceiling but fails to save tens of millions of dollars each year simply by releasing all pot-prisoners. We know the unions & others are behind this and they have a lot more resources than we do. Is there any hope, really? Maybe not. Last year we traveled across America meeting people and handing out flyers & t-shirts informing the public that there are still over 200 men & women locked up in federal prisons for cannabis violations. All of those we spoke to were incredulous and furious that this is happening today whether we were in front of a Wal-Mart or inside a dispensary. Now our plan for this year is to continue informing the public and helping those locked up have the ability to write and call anyone they want to. And, if released, we will help them with whatever they need. Even if the future looks hopeless, we must keep trying.