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When Charles “Fred” Cundiff got a commutation from Obama and was released his first call was to VOWD Secretary Beth Curtis. He said: MIss Beth, I never should have gotten out.” He was about 70 then. Beth went to Florida to visit him in the half-way house. According to Beth, it was such that she “would not keep my dog in it.” He was there for a year and then we got the Stanford Project to get him into a residence hotel in Ocala, Florida. When inside of prison he constantly said he just wanted to get out and see his kids and grandchildren before he passed; however, once out they abandoned him and he died alone. We saw to it that his ashes were spread onto the Ocean in his beloved Florida. THANKS TO CAN-DO FOUNDATION.COM & LIFE FOR POT,COM FOR THE FOLLOWING: Charles Frederick Cundiff, #643011-112 Offense: 2 Counts of Conspiracy to Import and Distribute Marijuana Sentence: Life Without Parole – Natural Death Incarcerated Since: 1991 Date of Birth: 7/3/46 Family: 2 Daughters, 1 Son, 9


  We are proud to announce that, due to a generous donor, we are entering Phase-2 of our business plan. Here we are preparing to receive those inmates who were recently released. We have purchased two wheelchairs, a stairlift so they can go down to the rec area, and a 32 foot above ground swimming pool. We can offer them a place to recuperate and to take classes such as getting a CDL (Commercial Driver’s License) and much more.